If you have a college bound high school student that is a freshman, sophomore or junior, please read this announcement carefully.

It contains information of a high-dollar value that can help pay for most (and maybe all) of the cost to send your kids to the top universities and colleges in America.

If your child is a senior right now and you are just starting this process, you have less than 137 days before it’s too late to complete college applications, get accepted to top schools and qualify for free money scholarships & grants to help pay for college.

Why Is It ALMOST Too Late For Seniors?

It’s because all the important deadlines will have come and gone for securing the most in grants and scholarships.  

And in all that will be left for seniors is the waiting period to see if your child gets accepted and how much money each school is willing to pay to have your child attend.

Everything Is Still Possible, BUT You Don’t Have MuchTime!

What you really want is a college that is willing to pay a huge chunk of cash to cover tuition, room and board for your child to attend.

I’m talking about free money that neither you nor your student will have to pay back, and the schools I’m talking about are among the top colleges in the country.

The cost for going to a local state or city college is now between $18,000 to $25,000 per year.

The big time, high-name recognition universities like Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Dartmouth, Boston University, Johns Hopkins, etc., cost between $47,000 and $75,000… PER YEAR!

How To Pay For College REGARDLESS Of Your Income, Assets or Student’s Grades!

It doesn’t matter if you are making $100,000 per year or $1,000,000 per year.

Parents who read my book can breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing they are not going to have to spend all their cash and savings sending their kids to college.

Please let me explain.

My name is Trevor Ramos and I am the author of a new book titled: How To Get FREE Money For College.

I wrote this book after personally helping over 224 families and their college-bound students find money to pay for all or a sizable portion of college tuition and expenses.

The students and parents that followed the step-by-step plan get on average $20,000 to $65,000 in free money grants, scholarships and financial aid per year.

Some got more, few get less.

That means you can easily save $20,000 to $65,000 per year (per student) for 4-YEARS!

That’s $80,000 to $260,000 per child in savings!

It’s like getting a cash bonus every year your child is in college, equal to the amount of free money you get awarded.

That’s a handsome annual five figure income that totals over six figures at the end of four years!

Will Your Child Graduate Like These Kids With

Free Money For College?

Received $47,900 a Year to Attend Johns Hopkins!

“My parents were hesitant to let me apply to certain schools because of the cost.

I got a financial award package of $47,900 a year to attend Johns Hopkins University.

Except for $3,500 in student loans, this is all free money!

Thank you Trevor for helping to make my college dreams come true”

Gets College Of Choice Plus $54,330 per Year Award!


Trevor’s information helped me figure out what I wanted in a college and then he helped me get a financial award package that is worth $54,000 per year.

Without Trevor’s help I would have been living at home, attending a local community college because of the cost.

Thank you Trevor!”

Secret To Success Came Out Of Personal Need!

I am often asked what my secret to success is when it comes to helping kids into great colleges with huge award packages to pay for tuition, books, room, and board.

My success as detailed in my book came from my own personal need.

Ironically, I come from a family of teachers and when it came time for me to think about going to college, my grades were so average, community college was my only option.

But I wanted to go to a top, private college (Boston University) that cost over $50,000 per year.

I love my parents no matter what, yet I couldn’t see how they could pay $50,000 per year without borrowing the money.

Plus I knew my younger brother would also need their help paying for college.

With a GPA of 2.8, I spent hours at libraries, coffee shops and bookstores, focusing on my grades and SAT scores.

I also became an expert at what colleges would give me free money and what colleges would ask me to take on student loans.

What I Learned Paid Off For Me & It Can Do The Same for You!

I became obsessed with college admissions and how to get scholarships and grants.

My goal was to get into Boston University, and to get it paid for so I wouldn’t graduate with $200,000 in student loans.

What I learned was amazing and paid off — big time!

I got a full 4-year financial award package valued at $165,000.

It didn’t cover all the costs, but I was able to graduate with a degree in accounting owing just over $35,000 for all four years.

I became so focused and successful at finding the money to pay for kids college education, I wrote a book and created a company that specializes in getting kid’s into their top choice colleges and finding the money to pay for it.

That company is appropriately called College Funding Remedies.

This Is The Key to Getting Scholarships, Grants & Financial Aid:
Most people think that financial aid, scholarships and grants are only for the poor and under privileged.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Financial aid, scholarships, and grants are based on a formula developed by top universities (and followed by every college and university in America today) to determine what each individual family should be expected to contribute to pay for their children’s college education.
What I also discovered was truly amazing.
Most parents have no idea of what it takes to get into college, how to fill out the FAFSA forms (financial aid applications) that determine your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and how to find out which colleges will give your child the most money.

$32,000 a Year To Attend USC – Thanks to Trevor!

“I am constantly impressed with Trevor’s knowledge of the college admissions and financing process.

I just had a client call to let me know that his son was just given a $32,000 a year grant to attend USC – thanks to Trevor’s information.

This client is well above middle class in terms of income and property ownership.”

-David Ellis, CPA

Advanced Planning Can Save You A Bundle of Cash!

It is important not to let this process eat up the money you’ve saved for retirement, as well as the equity you’ve built in your home and businesses.

If your EFC is too high, there are some steps you can take to lower it.

There are also schools that award money based on grades and test scores.

For these top schools, even having slightly above average grades and SAT/ACT scores qualifies you to receive huge chunks of money.

My book guides you to these schools – and believe me, they are among the top schools in America.

$45,839 Scholarship – No Student Loans! 


“With Trevor’s help I got accepted to UCLA, USC, Berkeley, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, Chapman, & Loyola Marymount.

I got a full-ride to Claremont McKenna to study molecular biology.

I am so excited to be the first in my family to go to college.

My parents are proud too and grateful they don’t have to pay!”

Save Yourself $20,000 to $65,000 Per Year!

With a little advanced planning and a couple of good strategies, you can get most (if not all) the money you need to pay for your children to go to the best colleges in America for very little out-of-pocket cash and no second mortgages — and, you can minimize student loans.

If you want to save yourself $20,000 to $65,000 per year sending your kids to the best colleges, I urge you to order and read my book today.
The cost is only $25.00 + $4.50 shipping and handling (total $29.50).
You can easily learn how to get your child to money they need to attend a great college by reading the simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions in my book.
My Promise To You…
My promise to you is that after reading How To Get FREE Money For College, you will have a “road map” to get into a top college and get free money scholarships and grants to help pay for your
child’s degree.
The Bottom Line Is:
If you have kids and you want them to go to college, you are in for a big financial surprise.
With today’s sagging economy, many families have been unable to save money to send their kids to college.
As a result, they use retirement money, savings, and even mortgage their homes to cover the costs of college.
Or, they do what they can and tell their kids they need to take out expensive student loans, or simply go to community college.
Don’t let this financial and emotional disaster happen to you or your kids. And don’t discourage them by saying you can’t afford to pay for their college education.
Now is the time to be smart and show your kids how to get what they want without paying “full-retail” price for college.
My book will show you how to pay wholesale for a first-class college education.
Order the book today!
$39,200 Per Year To Attend George Washington University!

“I am a graduate of George Washington University.

With Trevor’s help I got accepted to George Washington University, American University, Seton Hall, and Boston University.

They all offered me about $40,000 per year in scholarships.

It was a great experience! I couldn’t be more thankful for Trevor!”

$144,000 In Free Money To Attend University of Dallas!


“My name is Isabella and I am currently a freshmen attending the University of Dallas.

A year ago my family and I were told about College Funding Remedies from a friend who had received a full-ride through college by working with Trevor Ramos.

Trevor’s information helped me get the maximum financial award at each school I was applying to at the time.

The impact was a total of $36,000 per year in free grants and scholarships for my top choice school (which has an average tuition of $48,000 per year).

If it weren’t for the free college money I received from the university, I would have been stuck at a community college for my higher education.”

$21,500 Per Year To Attend University of Southern California!

“My name is Travis, and I have been a client of College Funding Remedies for almost 5 years. Trevor, over at College Funding Remedies is everything you want out of a college planning specialist.

He made sure that all of my concerns about paying for college were addressed.

Trevor personally got me a financial aid award of $22,000 at the University of Denver for my freshman year.

Then, when I applied as a transfer to USC for my sophomore year, I was accepted, and I also received an award letter of $21,500.

Without the help of Trevor, and College Funding Remedies, I would not have been able to attend USC.

I am truly grateful for all of Trevor’s hard work.

I highly recommend College Funding Remedies to anyone with questions or concerns about college planning.”

$15,500 Per Year To Attend Arizona State University!

“With Trevor’s help I got accepted to Arizona State, UC Riverside, Baylor University, Texas Tech University and all the top engineering schools I wanted to go to.

I’m getting $15,500 each year for Arizona State!

I just want to thank him for all the great advice.”

The Complete Table Of Contents Of How To Get FREE Money For College

Part One: Let’s Talk About Your Plan To Pay For College

Chapter 1: How Much Money Does College Really Cost?

Chapter 2: How Are Families Paying For College?

Chapter 3: What Most Parents Will Never Know About Getting Scholarships and Grants

Chapter 4: How to Maximize Scholarships & Grants So You Get A Ton Of Money

Chapter 5: The Secret Formula Almost No One Knows

Chapter 6: How To Get Money Based On Your Achievements

Chapter 7: How To Politely Ask For More Money So They Can’t Say NO

Part Two: What You Need To Do To Get The Money

Chapter 8: How To Shop For Colleges That Will Pay You To Attend

Chapter 9: How To Choose The Best Major & Career To Make You Shine

Chapter 10: Qualifying For College Is Easier Than You Think

Chapter 11: 4-Deadlines You Don’t Want To Miss

Chapter 12: The Most Important Parts Of The Application & Overview

Chapter 13: How To Send Your Transcript & SAT Scores

Chapter 14: Extracurricular Activities, Work & Volunteering That Make You Look Special

Chapter 15: How To Get Powerful Evaluations & Valuable Recommendation Letters

Chapter 16: What Makes You Different Than Everybody Else?

Chapter 17: How To Master A College Essay

Part Three: How To Position Yourself As A Scholarship Candidate

Chapter 18: What A University Wants

Chapter 19: Why College-Bound High School Courses Are So Important

Chapter 20: Your Commitment To Getting Good Grades Is The Secret Sauce

Chapter 21: Your Relationship With Your Teacher Will Give You A Higher GPA!

Chapter 22: By Understanding How The Course Is Structured You’ll Learn More & Have More Fun

Chapter 23: How To Ace All Of Your Classes

Chapter 24: To Be A Consistent “A” Student — You Must Be Very Organized

Chapter 25: The Art Of Taking Good Notes

Chapter 26: How To Learn The Most In The Least Amount Of Time

Chapter 27: How To Know What’s Going To Be On The Exam Without Cheating

Chapter 28: How To Write “A” Papers Every Time

Chapter 29: How To Use Study Groups To Make You Smarter

Chapter 30: Using A Tutor Is Not Cheating

Chapter 31: How To Turbo Boost Your SAT & ACT Scores

Chapter 32: The Big Lesson Gives You The Big Pay-Off!

Learn How To Pay For College–And NOT Get Stuck With A Huge Tuition Bill!

At 32 chapters and 237 pages, this is perhaps the most valuable book the parents of a college-bound high school student can own.

It is also great for high school principals, teachers and counselors.

Each chapter is about 6 pages long.

It is easy to read and easy to understand.

It is written with a fog index of 7, which means you will need at least a 7th grade education to understand and read this book.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you are not 1,000% satisfied with my book, simply return it for a full and complete refund plus $4.50 for shipping and handling.
If you have any questions about the book, you can give us a call directly at 626-657-7887.
We’re located at 100 West Lemon Ave, Suite 205, Monrovia, CA 91016.
Call us anytime!
If we don’t answer, just leave us a message telling us that you want to order the book or speak to Trevor Ramos directly.


The book every parent and high schooler headed for college must read!!


I learned more from this book than I have from even going to college myself! Trevor is amazing. Save yourself some headaches and don't leave money on the table. Get this book! It will save you thousands of dollars!!

– iphone user

I have created my best and prosperous strategies to date


This book is definitely one to buy for anyone who wishes to stand and fight for their child's college education. In fact, after meeting with Trevor Ramos personally and reading his books, my own approaches to customized financial strategies for families have been revised. And by far, I have created my best and prosperous strategies to date. As a financial advisor with a cause to keep students of out student loan debt, preparing for college education and retirement has never been more efficient, effective, pleasant, and easy!

– Amazon Customer



Trevor Ramos' book "How to Get Free Money 4 College" was published this year. He shows how to minimize or eliminate student loan debt and how to get into the college of your choice. I read the book from cover to cover and it really is a "MUST HAVE" book for families or individuals that want to save tons of money on college. It is not a boring text book. It's a very personable and interesting book to read. I highly recommend it.

– T. Marriott, D.C.

The information in this book is priceless!


I am the mother of a seventeen year old senior from Monrovia High School. I was starting to feel the pressure of knowing I can't afford to pay for college. We were offered a workshop at our school for juniors on how to pay for college. Our guest was a young man by the name of Trevor Ramos. At this workshop, he spoke about colleges that pay your child to go to their school. I was confused but extremely curious. He offered a free consultation and we immediately signed up for it. After meeting with Trevor he offered us his book. I came home and read the book in its entirety. "Really? So THAT"S how it works!" I thought.Needless to say, we are on our way to getting into a great college. This book contains all the information on getting into a great college and not having to pay for the rest of our lives. College costs a ridiculous amount of money that most of us don't have.THIS BOOK SHOULD BE GIVEN TO EVERY FRESHMAN STUDENT THE MOMENT THEY WALK ONTO CAMPUS!!!! I recommend this book to any family who wants their child to go to a great college and not pay a arm and a leg.

– Elizabeth Uriarte

Trevor makes the process seems so easy! I wish I had such a book when …


Very valuable resource for parents and high school students! This is a must read before both students and parents face the daunting tasks of filling out financial aid form and applying for college. Trevor makes the process seems so easy! I wish I had such a book when my daughter was heading out to college!

– ycb


Trevor Ramos is a world-class scholarship and financial aid specialist. 

In just 7 years he has helped over 200 families get accepted to the top colleges in America for pennies on the dollar by helping students get free money grants and scholarships (over 10 million dollars)!

Trevor’s secret to success came out of his own personal need. 

He was awarded $165,000 in financial aid from Boston University despite being told by counselors and coaches that community college was his best option.

After his own personal successes, he decided to devote his life and career to helping parents and students learn the truth about the college planning process and what it takes to get accepted to the college of your choice, receive thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants regardless of your income and assets, and pay for college without borrowing or using your retirement money.